Gluten Free Caramel Chocolate Chunk Blondies

I’ve heard that some people cut gluten from their diet in order to lose weight. I don’t know how that works for them, when recipes for things like gluten free caramel chocolate chunk blondies exist.

Lace and Lemons - GF Caramel Chocolate Chunk Blondies

My mom bought me a spiffy little cookbook that has a nice variety of GF recipes for everything from breakfast to desserts – so naturally I went for the desserts first. Baking is the scary part of eating low-gluten or gluten-free. Even if you’re a big pasta eater, you can find some reasonably priced pastas in most grocery stores. But cookies? Yikes. No one likes paying $6 for a box of mediocre cookies.

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Let them eat cake (cookies)

One of the great things about having a DIY mentality is that “do it yourself” doesn’t have to mean “do everything yourself.” You can skip a few steps, cut down on prep time and dirty dishes, and still have something special and homemade.


Once a month at church, we gather in our social hall before services to drink some coffee, eat some cakes and sweets, and celebrate any birthdays happening that month. Among this month’s birthday honorees is my big sister, whose birthday is today!  Happy Birthday, Lara!

Since my sister introduced me to the goodness that is carrot cake, I opted to bake something carrot-based for this month’s party: Carrot cake whoopie pies!

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