Stash Lashes

I recently discovered these fun things at Sephora:

and I want them. 

I’d love to have just the tips of my eyelashes decorated with delicate cut out feathers. I can’t justify $19 (or $9 on sale, even) for a one-time use eye accessory. So here’s my $2, conceivably reusable version:

Lace and Lemons Stash Lashes

Needed: $1 sheet of mustache stickers from Target, $1 false eyelash kit, also from Target, powder (any on hand), scissors (also on hand) .

Lace and Lemons Stash Lashes

Apply makeup as usual, preferably with a dark eyeliner to blend in with the mustaches (I’ll use gel or liquid liner tonight, couldn’t find it this morning). 

Choose a mustache with a fun curly edge, and trim it to a tapered point.  You can try them on at this point and see if you need to trim down any more.

Lace and Lemons Stash Lashes

Lace and Lemons Stash Lashes

Apply powder to the sticky side, just of the parts you don’t want to stick to your face (like the big curl on these).

Lace and Lemons Stash Lashes

Curl the sticker around a makeup brush or eyeliner, so that it stands away from your face.

Lace and Lemons Stash Lashes

Apply eyelash glue to the pointy tip and wait a bit until it’s tacky.

Lace and Lemons Stash Lashes

Place the sticker at the corner of your eye. Bask in your awesomeness, and ring in the New Year in style! Or, as I’m going to do right now, go out grocery shopping looking rather eccentric. It’s okay. Just own it.

Lace and Lemons Stash Lashes

Happy New Year!



Java Jive

I don’t know many people who truly identify as a coffee drinker. I mean, I know a lot of people who drink coffee, but if I sat them down and asked them to write a list of their top 10 favorite things in this world, they probably wouldn’t include their daily dose of coffee on that list.

I’m one of those people who would.
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Hello Hello!

Welcome to our little blog!

I’m Katrina, and I’m the bay half of lace and lemons.  I grew up in the burgh with Amy, but I’ve been out in the San Francisco Bay area for about a year and a half, working towards an MFA in poetry.

I’m married to a wonderful guy (1 year, 7 months!) and when I’m not poet-ing, I tutor reading and history.

I have to admit, I’m not nearly as crafty as Amy, partly due to lack of skills and partly due to laziness, but I’m learning!  What I do enjoy doing a lot is baking.

loooove baking.

This is partly because I really like being “girl who brings cookies to gatherings” and partly because I am “girl who loves to eat cookies.”  So you can expect to see lots of decadent baking recipes.  I’ve also been working on becoming a better cook (I do okay, but not on the regular) and trying to incorporate some healthy recipes into my life (what? healthy??).  So I’ll be using this blog to test out lots of food how-tos.

I also like to cross stitch. I’ve been doing stamped cross stitching for a few years, but I recently took the leap into counted cross stitch, with reasonably pleasant results.



I have a few projects I’m working on, and I plan on doing a general cross-stitching tutorial at some point.

Some other interests I hope to explore on lace and lemons include finding more interesting ways to use my wardrobe, hair and makeup tips and tricks, and maybe delving into more general craftiness.  You’ll also probably notice my devotion to pop culture, sarcasm, and boots. I really love boots.

A general word about updates: Right now, we plan on updating Monday-Friday.  Monday, because we usually have pretty severe “case of the Mondays” symptoms, will be something simple, maybe a link to a blog or song or article we find interesting.  You’ll hear from Amy Tuesdays and Thursdays and from me on Wednesdays and Fridays.  We’ll generally update on whatever it is we’re working on that day/week, but we might occasionally pull off a theme week or something (holidays, weddings, you never know.)

That’s about it, dear readers! Regular updates start tomorrow!


Laissez le bon blog rouler!

Thanks for stopping by lace and lemons!  If you’re new here, take a moment to read ‘About Us’.

Did you read it? Ok, good. Hello, I’m Amy, the eastern side of this duo! It’s appropriate that my first post falls on Mardi Gras – not just because of the extravagant costumes, the parades and the snappy French phrases, but because the day encourages – nay, demands – the consumption of rich and fatty foods!

I like to bribe people for attention, so every couple weeks I bake something laden with butter and sugar and bring it to the office (where I write obituaries. Cheery, no?). I spend my down time browsing cookbooks (including a swell 1965 ‘Souvenir Edition’ of the Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook) and sewing/crafting books, and buying supplies for crafts that often don’t happen. I’ve dabbled in a lot of hobbies (sewing, cross stitching, candle-making, upcycling, baking – remember, indecision is a good thing!), so you’ll see a good blend of endeavors on this blog.


On lace and lemons, I plan to spend some time stash-busting, refashioning & updating my wardrobe, and winging my way through recipes. I’ve been cooking for myself for over three years, but the simplest things still sometimes go terribly, terribly wrong. I’m also getting married in May and was ambitious (read: crazy) enough to bring in some big DIY elements, so those will be making appearances soon!

Triumph or tragedy, you will be privy to it all. Enjoy!