Doing my best to avoid ‘vest’ puns

In our office closet, there’s an ever-growing pile of clothing rejected from my wardrobe. Items that don’t quite fit right. That are a little worn out or damaged. That probably should not have been purchased in the first place.

But see, I have a sewing machine. And I take something old out of my closet, or buy something ill-fitting on sale and think, “I can fix it. I can save it.”

This is one of the rare moments when I actually followed through on that.

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Skirting the Issue

Once upon a time, circa July 9, 2010, I had the privilege to be Katrina’s Maid of Honor.

Awww 🙂

It was a classy event. Katrina picked a summery blue-and-yellow color scheme.  The ceremony was sweet. The reception was delightful. There were cupcakes. There was dancing. There were toasts.

Look at me, rockin' the toast. I'm so funny.

Nearly two years later, though, I still have this flowy yellow dress hanging in my closet, waiting for its new purpose. I’ve got a billion other fancy-occasion dresses, so I decided this year that I would turn my bridesmaid dress into a skirt for Easter. Here’s part one of that adventure.

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