About Us

Welcome to lace and lemons!

We believe that indecision is a good thing — we bake, sew, cook, stitch, entertain, write, and sometimes (okay, a lot of times) also go to work! All the while, we try to add a little bit of pretty into every day.  We couldn’t keep it to ourselves, so in this blog, we’ll share recipes, how-tos, our successes (beautiful hand-embroidered pillows!), our defeats (miserably burnt galettes!), and otherwise document our attempts to live creatively from the bay to the ‘burgh.

But who are we?  Meet Katrina and Amy!


We met in middle school in 1998, in our hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.  Since, we have seen each other through high school, college (as awesome English majors!), horrible first jobs, one wedding, one engagement (wedding coming soon!), and all the general silliness in between.  Recently, Katrina moved to the San Francisco bay area, so this friendship — and this blog — is a bicoastal enterprise.


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