Easy Dish Covers

Lace and Lemons Bowl CoversRemember these guys? Rocco has photobombed many photos on this blog, and as a duo they inspired this post in which i try to curb their appetite for trash and trash bag handles. Now with holiday parties and gatherings upon us, we had to address their equally voracious appetite for carbs, starches and dairy products.

The easy solution is to get dish covers or domes, but the glass ones, while they are very pretty, are bulky, heavy and pricey. My own version is not as pretty, but it’s inexpensive, light and easy to store. If you have pesky pets who like to pilfer your pretzels (I am not ashamed of that alliteration), I’ll tell you how to make your own dish covers.

Lace and Lemons Bowl Covers

Go to the dollar store and buy as many large clear bowls as you feel the need for. Go to the hardware store (or heck, check the dollar store, too) and buy the cheapest drawer pulls, enough for however many bowls you bought, plus a tube of super glue or epoxy. 

Lace and Lemons Bowl CoversLace and Lemons Bowl CoversWash and dry the bowls. Now look at the bottom of the bowls – if your bowls have a little bump where the plastic was poured, you might want to use a nail file or sandpaper to smooth that down a bit. I lazied out on one and the handle on that dish is a bit crooked.

Lace and Lemons Bowl CoversLace and Lemons Bowl CoversFollowing the directions for whatever adhesive you have, glue the drawer pulls to the bottom of the bowls. Set them aside to dry (and if you’re like me, forget about them for a few days).

Lace and Lemons Bowl Covers Lace and Lemons Bowl CoversNext time you’re having people over and have snacks you need to protect, you can bring our your dish covers!

Here’s another shot of our dish covers in use, with Rocco pouting nearby:

Lace and Lemons Bowl CoversAlas, we neglected to put the lid back on the container of dip that a friend brought, and Bob was caught with his face in it. But the dish covers worked splendidly!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

Lace and Lemons Bowl Covers


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