Lace and Lemons DIY Wedding Roundup

Oh hi, May, when did you get here? 2013 is rolling right along. I was glancing back through our sort-of-a-year’s-worth of posts and noticed a lot of them starting with “Sorry it’s been so long” excuses.

But not this time!  In the past few months Nick and I bought this:

Lace and Lemons

And I made this:

Lace and Lemons Yellow Ombre Wedding Cake

So I think the absence is justified.

I don’t have anything new at the moment (things have been worked on, just not finished), but it’s that time of year when brides are scouring Pinterest to put last-minute personal DIY touches on their Big Day, so I thought I’d scrape together a small round-up of the wedding-related DIY posts on Lace and Lemons!

Roaring 20’s Bridal Shower Invites:

Roaring 20’s Bridal Shower Invites!

Art Deco Bridal Shower Invitations:

Art Deco Wedding Invitations!

Vintage Suitcase Place Card Display:

Vintage Suitcase Place Card Display

Mr. & Mrs. Head Table Sign:

Mr. & Mrs. Head Table Sign

And for some pre-wedding self-pampering (or It’s-finally-warm-enough-that-I-can-reasonably-wear-sandals-oh-gosh-my-feet-look-awful):

Homemade Sugar and Salt Scrubs