To do, or not to do

January was awful. I’m pretending January didn’t happen, and that 2013 only has 11 months in it.

Hey yinz, happy February!

I have high ambitions of being much more organized in 2013 than, well, any other year in my life. So far it has worked out let’s say 4/7 of the time. I’ll have a few days when I am up on time, getting stuff done (right after that first cup of coffee), cleaning dishes right away, putting stuff where it belongs, crossing things off the to-do list. And then all of a sudden we’ll have two or three days in a row when we’ve got places to be right after work and there’s just no time (ok, or we’re just too tired) to fetch and do and clean and pick up after ourselves. And it is so hard to catch up from those days.

But we’re working on it!

One thing that really helps to keep me on track is writing things down. I need that visual of what needs to be done when, and typing it doesn’t cut it. For years I’ve been using just a basic spiral notebook for my day-to-day to-do lists and grocery lists. I love seeing that page at the end of the day with all of the tasks crossed off, and it’s easy to fill in new tasks or thoughts as they pop into my head.

My problem at work is that a notebook gets lost in the shuffle on my desk – there are just too many papers, too many files, and if I can’t see the to-do list it won’t be nagging at me to get done. I had made myself a mini dry erase board out of a standing 4×6 picture frame (because stuff that heavy won’t hang nicely on cubicle walls). That little thing just doesn’t cut it anymore. So here’s how I made my new, big, 8×10 standing dry erase board:

I bought a cheap picture frame at Target. It was on clearance for less than $3. You can get one at the dollar store, but sometimes the stands on those are super flimsy.

Lace and Lemons Memo Board

I dug out some scrap book paper (I have a ton of this stuff, but I don’t scrap book) and set. This is where the dry erase board gets its character: will it be bright colors? Wood grain? Antique-looking white tin ceiling tile?

Lace and Lemons Memo Board Lace and Lemons Memo Board Lace and Lemons Memo Board

I used the paper that was in the frame to mark out the area I wanted from my scrap book paper, and cut it to size.

Lace and Lemons Memo Board

Lace and Lemons Memo Board

Then I popped it into the frame. Done!

Lace and Lemons Memo Board

I liked the bright stripey paper, but I’ve been wanting to use this ceiling tile image for a long time, and I think my dry erase markers will show up on it better.

Lace and Lemons Memo Board

 I’m gonna take this to work today and see if my productivity improves any! Or if I just end up doodling all day.

Lace and Lemons Memo Board

 Stay tuned this month, I have plans for Valentine’s Day, a bridesmaid’s dress refashion (leftover from Christmas time), and I do believe we’ve got a Lace & Lemons birthday coming up! For which I have absolutely no plan.  I’ll work on that.