Doing my best to avoid ‘vest’ puns

In our office closet, there’s an ever-growing pile of clothing rejected from my wardrobe. Items that don’t quite fit right. That are a little worn out or damaged. That probably should not have been purchased in the first place.

But see, I have a sewing machine. And I take something old out of my closet, or buy something ill-fitting on sale and think, “I can fix it. I can save it.”

This is one of the rare moments when I actually followed through on that.

I bought this olive green thing – what is it, a jacket? a top? – because I liked the color, the crocheted insert, and the puffy sleeves.

The problem with the sleeves, though, is that they look better on the hanger than on a person, and they were WAY too small. I wore it a few times but was never comfortable, so it got tossed into the to-be-resurrected pile.

I haven’t brought out the sewing machine in months, but this seemed like an easy project to ease back into sewing. All I needed to do was cut off the sleeves, right next to the seam.

I considered doing only that and calling it a day, but here’s the thing: my mother sews. A lot. And she’s really good at it. And since I was little, because of her attention to detail, I’ve grown disdainful towards things like un-ironed garments, unfinished seams, and worst of all, unfinished hems.

So I turned the edge of the armholes in 1/4 inch and stitched them in place with long zig-zag stitches so that the fabric would still stretch a bit. 


I feel a little bit more motivated now to tackle some of those other garments.  Have you restyled any garments to save them from the trash pile?



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