Flaky Double Feature

Hey, you know what we haven’t had around here in a while? (Besides a blog post – oops! sorry about that). A blog post about a failure! We promised to share with you our successes and our failures, but it’s so tempting to post only the successes, especially when some of the failures are just so awful (srsly. I have a lace dress I’ll show you eventually, but I’m just not emotionally prepared enough for that yet).

You know what, keep that in mind whenever you come across a blog by someone who seems to be unbelievably organized and productive and creative. They might really have their act that well together – but they might also be doing a lot of editing and selective posting.  There’s nothing wrong with that – bloggers are the narrators of these first-person narratives, after all – but now that I am blogging I feel better about my own attempts at new projects knowing that even pro-bloggers probably have some horrific projects they’re hiding.

So, to keep myself grounded but still give you something sweet to bake, I’m going to give you a double update featuring a still-mostly-edible failure (slab apple pie!) and a tasty success (rustic plum tart! mmmm).

More like slop apple pie

Pretty plum tart!

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I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that there are probably a bunch of you out there who are like me – you have a Pinterest account and boards full of hundreds of brilliant, life-changing and creative ideas that you still haven’t tried.

But you feel a bit better having pinned it – you can always fall back on it later. If you remember. Or you’ll just keep browsing through “Everything” or “DIY & Crafts” and keep piling up new ideas to never use.

I recently made a conscious effort to try out some tips I found on Pinterest, and I’m sharing the results with you!

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Monday Mocha Break: Good Idea, Bad Idea

Hey yinz!  It’s been a little quiet around the blog lately. I won’t speak for Kat, but my main excuse is that I lost my camera cord. So I’ve had some projects piling up on my camera, waiting to be shared, but annoyingly trapped.

But good news!  I found the cord yesterday. In my camera case. Of all places. I never put it there, but it must have seemed like a good idea at the time.

I’ll get back to regular posting tomorrow, but in the meantime here are some other good ideas – and bad ideas – for your mocha break: