Mocha Break n’at

Yesterday my friend Jackie and I attended Vintage Mixer, “a vendor fair of vintage goods” held in the New Hazlett Theater on the North Side.  I managed to expand my vintage Corelle/Pyrex Spring Blossom collection a bit, and I bought some beautiful handmade porcelain buttons (which will hopefully be going onto a coat I’ve been making for the past year and a half or so and would really like to have done for this fall/winter).

Then we crossed the river to the Strip District , where your sandwich should be piled high with ‘slaw and fries, but the staff will begrudgingly accommodate you if that’s not quite your thing.

So good!

Pittsburgh’s been getting a lot of hype from all of the movies being made here, but there are so many surprises in the city that you won’t see in just an hour or two of screen time. Pittsburgh used to frustrate the dickens out of me because I’d get so lost trying to get from point A to point B (I have no sense of direction at all), but there’s too much worth seeing and doing to let some windy roads and construction hold me back.

Pittsburgh Magazine recently sent out a ‘City Guide’ issue with some great – but brief – profiles of some of Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods, and you should check it out on your mocha break! If you’re a visitor in Pittsburgh, this could help you find out what the locals love to see and do. And if you are a local, you might find something new to love – or have a few “I’ve been there!  I’ve been there!!” moments like I did: What Our Neighborhoods Do Best.

Double Wide Grill, East Carson Street


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