I Hear Wedding Bells

My posts have been a bit food-heavy lately (what can I say? I like to eat), so allow me to take you back in time a few months to when I was planning my wedding.

From day one of our engagement (who am I kidding? For months before Nick even proposed) I envisioned a crafty do-everything-yourself wedding and had been stockpiling web links and pictures for inspiration. But I know me, I know how in-over-my-head I can get, and I knew I was going to be stressed enough just with the things I absolutely had to do for the wedding, so I made some compromises for my own sanity. I started with a thousand ideas and intentions, and in the end whittled down my own DIY contributions to our save the dates, invitations, programs, place card display and this:

Photo by Kelly Lester Photography

While wasting time on Pinterest I saw the Ung Drill Frame from IKEA and knew instantly that I wanted to have one hanging off the front of our head table. The original plan was to use our wedding logo, but it would have left too much white space. “Mr. & Mrs.” was a natural second choice.

If you have enough money to invest in it, this could be a fairly simple DIY: picture frame, Kinkos poster print of the text, boom, done. But I wanted to keep the costs low, and custom poster-size prints were looking to be upwards of $40. I didn’t want to risk ordering and paying for a print only to have it not look right and have to do another.

I bought the frame (well, I had Nick pick it up for me) and a piece of white poster board. I printed out a large “&” on a sheet of 11×14 paper, and printed our “Mr.” and “Mrs.” on two 8.5×11 pieces of paper, using our wedding colors and fonts from our invites. The other key element I had on hand from the invitations: Tombow Permanent Adhesive.

I cut the poster board to size using the insert from the frame, and used an xacto knife to cut out the & and letters.

I put all of the pieces on the poster board just to get a general idea of how this was going to look, and made a mark to help me line up the & once I was ready to glue it down.

Here’s where things got a little convoluted. I chose to use the roll of permanent adhesive to keep the paper letters from wrinkling, but I wanted to make sure the letters were stuck well to the poster board and not hanging off here and there.

I flipped the & over and put it on a piece of scrap paper. Then I made a giant sticker out of it like this:

Covering a small section with tape

Not worrying about going over the edge of the letters because…

it peels away right at the edge of the paper!

I started with a small section, just a few inches to anchor the & in place on the poster board. I lined it up and pressed it into place. Then I carefully folded the & over a clean space on my scrap paper and taped the next section, a bit at a time until the whole thing was glued down.

To keep the letters somewhat level, I folded the paper from the frame in half to get a straight line through the middle, and used a ruler to mark where I wanted the letters to end up. It wasn’t 100% accurate, but that was fine with me. The letters were taped and placed just like the &.

We left the glass out of the frame so that there wouldn’t be a glare in pictures with flash, and to cut down on the weight.

Cheers! Photo by Kelly Lester Photography

To anchor the frame in place, we broke one end off of a plastic hanger for a wreath, so that just the stick and one hook were left. At the end of the stick we taped a paper -covered weight (I took the weight out of a heavy duty Christmas stocking holder and wrapped it in white paper). Not glamorous at all, but it didn’t show and was really sturdy. We tied a loop of ribbon through the frame and slipped it over the hook, just at the edge of the table.

UPDATE: I forgot to show what we did with the frame after the wedding:

The End!
Photo by Kelly Lester Photography


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