Monday Mocha Break – It’s not midnight yet

It’s still Monday for a few more minutes (for me, at least. Kat has a few more hours of  Monday), so I’m bringing you today’s Monday Mocha Break! Maybe make yours a decaf, if you have to get to work in the morning and don’t enjoy late-night TV.

I’m also popping in to acknowledge our waning presence on the blog. Kat’s immersed in the joy that is finishing one’s master’s degree. In the past few weeks she was most often to be found ‘thesising’ at the coffee house.

I’m getting married in 19 days (soon to be 18 days!) and I’m frantically doing all the things I had put off ’til this point because I was sure I had soooo much time.

Whenever I really try to buckle down and get something done, the furry residents of this apartment (Bob and Rocco) get into this sort of mischief:

We’ll be in from time to time, so check back with us. By June I should have my act together, and I’m documenting all of my wedding-related crafts, so there will be posts!