Israel in 4 BC Had No Mass Communication

For your (Good) Friday Mocha break, I wanted to share with you probably my very most favorite Lent/Holy Week/Easter tradition.

Every year at some point during lent, my dad (known for his awesome taste in music) would go to his record cabinet (for the children: records are big round discs made of vinyl, which played music!) and pull out a big, brown covered double album. From those first creeping guitar notes, I was always totally hooked. Jesus Christ, Superstar is STILL my absolute favorite musical and pretty much one of my favorite albums of all time. I listen to it a good bit, but during Holy Week, it’s sort of ALL I listen to. And you should be too! It’s so haunting and lovely and also rocks surprisingly hard! One note: You can watch the 1973 movie, starring Ted Neeley, if you must, but if you’re going to be listening to a soundtrack, you should probably commit yourself to the original 1970 concept album. Ian Gillan (of Deep Purple!!!) has this obscenely powerful voice, and Murray Head as Judas is kind of a revelation. He’s simultaneously all British and slimy and also totally sympathetic. Plus, that’s the album my dad had, and I learned early on, that if something was my dad’s favorite version of something, it was probably the “right” version!

So, I’m linking you to what was, traditionally, MY favorite song from the album (I have no idea why, I just really dug it). But then you should probably go ahead and listen to the whole thing.

On behalf of both Amy and myself, Happy Easter, dear readers! We will see you on the flipside 🙂


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