It’s Never Too Late For Granola Bars

I spend about 90% of my day eating (warning: I’m not good at math).  I don’t sit down to 3 meals a day, I graze on pretty much whatever food is within reach. Often that means pretzels, chips, M&Ms, coffee, and if I planned ahead, an apple and some cheese, with a few mini meals here and there. Occasionally, I try to make sure a few of those snacking options are healthy.

That’s where these cranberry white chocolate granola bars come in.

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I’m Back and I Brought Cupcakes!

Hello world!  There are two great things about today (well really, countless more than that, but I’m going to mention two): 1, my computer is back and alive and well! Hurrah!  2, it’s the last day of Tax Season!!!  Anyone with a significant other, friend or family member in the tax accounting biz knows just how joyous that is. My fiance has been working crazy long days and 6 day work weeks. Ugh.

When things are rough, I like to show my support and offer encouragement the best way I know how – with baked goods!  This year, for the last week of tax season, I swung by his office on my way to work and dropped off these:

Strawberry-filled angel food cupcakes with homemade whipped cream topping. I kept a half dozen or so for myself, too 😉

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I Took Her Back and I Made Her Dessert

Welcome to your Monday Mocha Break! Poor Amy’s computer is not doing well, so you’ll be hearing a lot from me this week.

I am spending MY Monday Mocha Break at Bica Coffeehouse in Oakland, where my awesome friend Bryn is a barista, and there is a frequent gathering of poets. (If you are in the Rockridge area, you should totally check it out. The coffee is to die for).  One of the best things about Bica is that Bryn and the other baristas play the most random, awesome bizarre non-coffee shop typical music. Today, we’re into 90’s pop punk, so this is what we’ve been rocking out to, while reading Kora in Hell by William Carlos Williams. Make yourself some coffee, grab a book of poetry, and enjoy your little taste of poet life!

Israel in 4 BC Had No Mass Communication

For your (Good) Friday Mocha break, I wanted to share with you probably my very most favorite Lent/Holy Week/Easter tradition.

Every year at some point during lent, my dad (known for his awesome taste in music) would go to his record cabinet (for the children: records are big round discs made of vinyl, which played music!) and pull out a big, brown covered double album. From those first creeping guitar notes, I was always totally hooked. Jesus Christ, Superstar is STILL my absolute favorite musical and pretty much one of my favorite albums of all time. I listen to it a good bit, but during Holy Week, it’s sort of ALL I listen to. And you should be too! It’s so haunting and lovely and also rocks surprisingly hard! One note: You can watch the 1973 movie, starring Ted Neeley, if you must, but if you’re going to be listening to a soundtrack, you should probably commit yourself to the original 1970 concept album. Ian Gillan (of Deep Purple!!!) has this obscenely powerful voice, and Murray Head as Judas is kind of a revelation. He’s simultaneously all British and slimy and also totally sympathetic. Plus, that’s the album my dad had, and I learned early on, that if something was my dad’s favorite version of something, it was probably the “right” version!

So, I’m linking you to what was, traditionally, MY favorite song from the album (I have no idea why, I just really dug it). But then you should probably go ahead and listen to the whole thing.

On behalf of both Amy and myself, Happy Easter, dear readers! We will see you on the flipside 🙂

It’s Knot Complicated

I’m kind of drooling over Kat’s Mac & Cheese recipe. I’ve made homemade mac and cheese (as in, not from a box) maybe twice in my life, and I always struggle with the roux. “Add more butter” sounds like a good solution to me – for a lot of life’s problems.

Since we’re in a bit of a dinner party mode here at Lace and Lemons, I thought I’d share my go-to contribution to meals. I have not yet hosted my own dinner party, and entrees are not my forte. But when there’s a group-effort dinner, like a church potluck or a family holiday, I’m not afraid to volunteer to bring the bread – or more precisely, the Parmesan knots.

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The Cheese to Your Macaroni

We’re mixing it up a little here on lace and lemons, and we’re moving our mocha break to Friday. I wanted to get this recipe up and ready for you guys because it is not only delicious (so delicious), but it’s filling and meatless, so a good option for your Good Friday dinner.

Let’s talk about Macaroni and Cheese for a minute. I am obsessed with Mac and Cheese, because it pretty much is the perfect food. While I will gleefully devour a box of the processed, dehydrated, amusingly shaped Kraft variety, I definitely prefer the decadent, excessive, home-baked variety when I have the time to make it.  I’m on spring break and was looking for something indecent to bring to the fast-becoming-weekly Mad Men family dinner on Sunday. Mac and Cheese (or more specifically, 5 Cheese baked Mac and Cheese) seemed like the perfect option.

Seriously, this is so delicious it's almost NSFW.

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