Ice Cream For Breakfast

(Subtitled, Mint Chocolate Chip Oreo Mini Ice Cream Cupcakes)


Heads up: I have no idea what I’m doing.

A few friends are coming over on St. Patrick’s day and I promised myself (and my fiance) I wouldn’t get in over my head with food ideas. My brain can mostly handle stress over the wedding, but not much else on top of that. So I’m going pretty basic (but tasty!) as far as savory snacks go. But desserts? Come on. You gotta have fun with dessert.

I’m not sure when I started thinking “I should do this”, but I like things that are green, things that are mint-chocolatey, and things that are mini varieties of other things. Add the buzz about Oreo’s 100th Anniversary, and it’s not a far leap to mini ice cream cupcakes (right?).

I’ve never done this before, so this morning I was pretty much winging it. If you’d like to risk being the fool who followed a fool, here’s how…

Set your ice cream out to soften. I left mine for about 20 minutes, but I’ll be honest, I got distracted by Facebook so I’m not entirely sure of that time. Prepare a mini cupcake pan with paper cups, and place one mini Oreo in each cup.

Once your ice cream has softened enough, top each Oreo with a tablespoon or so of ice cream (if you have a mini dough scoop, that might be helpful here). Use the back of a spoon to smooth them out a bit and press the ice cream around the Oreo, then pop them back in the freezer until you’re ready to decorate and serve them.

I had wanted to pipe a swirl of ice cream on top of each cupcake but that proved to be way beyond my skill level, and entirely too messy.  Since I’m not sure what would happen to icing placed on ice cream then stored in the freezer (it should be fine, but I’m not 100% sure so I’m not risking it this time), on Saturday I’m going to top each cupcake off with a swirl of vanilla icing, like so:

I couldn’t let this cupcake go to waste, so that was breakfast.

There’s potential for some fun decorations here, too. Sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, pieces of Oreos, even gold dragees if you’re feeling really fancy for St. Patrick’s Day.

I don’t know for sure that any other mint/chocolate fans will be here, but if these end up just being midnight snacks for me while I watch reruns of Scrubs, they’re worth the effort!


5 responses

  1. Great breakfast!

    But what’s up with the gold dragees? They’re not considered eddible in the US, but in other countries it’s ok? 🙂

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