Your Monday Mocha Break

So, dear readers, Mondays are not days that usually find Amy and I at our shiny happy best. We’re getting back to work, back to school, back to getting on with our stuff that needs done. Sometimes we need a little break. So on Mondays, we’re going to link you to a song, or a video, or a poem, or an article. Something that you can peruse while taking a little ten minute mocha break to regroup and get over your Monday blahs. Don’t like mochas? No worries. Have a latte. Or tea. Or scotch. We don’t judge here!

So we wanted to use our inaugural Mocha Monday to pay tribute to Mr. Davy Jones, who passed away on the 29th.  Amy and I (and our BFF Mary) were ginormous Monkees fans, especially when we were in middle school. We watched the show, and gathered memorabilia (mostly from family members who were actually alive when the show was on) and loved the music. So take a little break today and enjoy some Monkees madness.



One response

  1. Hey Hey We’re the Monkees. And people say we Monkee around…!

    Lisa and I used to watch that show, too. I think they ran it on Nick at Nite’s Block Party Summer.

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