Glittery Shoe Redo

I have a kitten. A kitten who likes to chew on everything except cat toys. One of the most upsetting victims was my pair of bone-colored peep toe heels. I couldn’t stand the thought of pitching them, so I wanted to try to hide their flaws.

I’ve seen dozens of tutorials out there on shoe redos, and one of my favorite old shoe fixes is to douse them in glitter. There are dozens of tutorials just on how to do that (spray adhesive then glitter, Mod Podge then glitter, Mod Podge and glitter mixed, etc.), and I tried two of them.

In the spirit of stash-busting, I used items I already had on hand: glitter, Mod Podge, a chewed up pair of shoes, and a remnant of ruffly ribbon.

I started by covering the heels with my glue (using a makeup sponge. I couldn’t find my brushes). Other people will tell you to tape off where you don’t want glitter to go, but remember, I was only using elements I already had, and patience wasn’t one of them.

Next comes the best part of any grade school art project: dumping glitter on top of glue. Yay! I made sure to do this over a covered surface so I could salvage the excess glitter.

Next day: My assessment is that the Mod Podge then glitter method isn’t sufficient. There were a lot of gaps, and I could tell that most of the glitter wasn’t going to stick. So I tried a second layer using a different method: mixing the glue and glitter together to make a glitter paint. This worked so much better, was faster, and left less glitter all over the place.

Bad lighting!

So, now to cover up those bite marks on the back of the shoe.

In my first attempt, I gathered two pieces of the ribbon into a ruffle, then glued that to the back of the heel. It looked cute from the side, but from the back, well…


Second attempt with the ribbon: Gathered it into a pinwheel. I wasn’t feeling this either (no picture, it didn’t last long enough).

So naturally Plan C is more glitter!  But not more gold glitter. For the back of the shoe, I went with silver. This time I took the time to tape off the area I wanted to cover.

The glitter is still drying (I didn’t decide on plan C until this morning!), but I’ll update with a photo when they’re done.


For now I know I extended the life of my shoes, I used up some items in my craft stash, and I have two ribbon pinwheels that will have to make an appearance in some other post (headband? Purse embellishment? We’ll see!).

Update: two tone sparkles and no more bite marks! Check ’em out:

Ooooh shiny!


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