Laissez le bon blog rouler!

Thanks for stopping by lace and lemons!  If you’re new here, take a moment to read ‘About Us’.

Did you read it? Ok, good. Hello, I’m Amy, the eastern side of this duo! It’s appropriate that my first post falls on Mardi Gras – not just because of the extravagant costumes, the parades and the snappy French phrases, but because the day encourages – nay, demands – the consumption of rich and fatty foods!

I like to bribe people for attention, so every couple weeks I bake something laden with butter and sugar and bring it to the office (where I write obituaries. Cheery, no?). I spend my down time browsing cookbooks (including a swell 1965 ‘Souvenir Edition’ of the Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook) and sewing/crafting books, and buying supplies for crafts that often don’t happen. I’ve dabbled in a lot of hobbies (sewing, cross stitching, candle-making, upcycling, baking – remember, indecision is a good thing!), so you’ll see a good blend of endeavors on this blog.


On lace and lemons, I plan to spend some time stash-busting, refashioning & updating my wardrobe, and winging my way through recipes. I’ve been cooking for myself for over three years, but the simplest things still sometimes go terribly, terribly wrong. I’m also getting married in May and was ambitious (read: crazy) enough to bring in some big DIY elements, so those will be making appearances soon!

Triumph or tragedy, you will be privy to it all. Enjoy!


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